Our Educators

Russell Cutts is the founder and director of Native Earth. He holds an M.A./archaeology, serves on non-profit boards of directors, directed Georgia’s official State Native American and Pioneer Interpretive Center – The Funk Heritage Center at Reinhardt College. Russ has taught and lived ancient technologies for over 25 years, and is the author of three books: Blackbird Dreams (anthropoetry), WildFire - Fire Making Art, and Native America Bites Back.

Christina Gordon teaches the arts of animal parts. With a special focus on braintanning, the use of buckskin and tanning methodologies, she has demonstrated the techniques for thousands of visitors at native culture festivals.

Jim Trostle, recently the director of education at Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center at Columbus State University, Georgia, maintains active involvement in special military training while pursuing a career in outdoor education and primitive skills. He also helps coordinates events for Earthskills Rendezvous’, Inc.

Alice Craig has served as Headwoman for the Leadership Council (Board of Directors) of Earthskills Rendezvous’, Inc. She has taught ancient skills for several years and promotes sustainable lifeways, homesteading and simple living.

Alex Kilgore has apprenticed with several masters of the primitive arts and is now recognized as a fine instructor in his own right. Having served as site manager for the Rivercane and Falling Leaves Rendezvous for several years his practical camp skills are virtually unparalleled.

Steven Taylor is a founder of Earthskills Rendezvous’, Inc. He has taught thousands of outdoor enthusiasts the joys of wild edibles, medicinals, Stone Age cookery and the arts of ancient music. An all around skills practitioner, he is a powerful public speaker and enthusiastic community-builder.

Natalie Nicklett loves the outdoors. Wearing her hand-crafted clothes of braintan and natural materials, constantly twiddling with fibers or bones or rocks, incessantly scouting trail nibbles and wildfoods…Natalie’s insatiable desire for knowledge is exceeded only by her joy of life.

Ben Kirkland is known as Ranger Ben of the Chehaw Parks (and Zoo) of Albany, Georgia. One of the most outstanding practical primitive technologists of our time, Ben is an unsung hero of the primitive archery field. Few people can match his field experience as a hunter, tracker and teacher.

R. Scott Jones is the current President of the Board of Directors for the international Society of Primitive Technology. He is a published writer – highly respected in the earthskills field – and has taught survival skills across the United States. Scott is one of a small handful of Paleolithic flintknappers recognized as ‘top-tier’ with the skills and the teaching.

Steve Watts is the president emeritus of the international Society of Primitive Technology. He is a world traveler and avid student of prehistory. He directs the Aboriginal Studies Program at the Schiele Museum in Gastonia, North Carolina, teaches at numerous skills events across the country and hosts one of the most highly regarded Knap-Ins in the country.

Robin Blankenship co-founded EarthKnack and co-wrote EarthKnack – Stone Age Living Skills. She is one of the most popular instructors found at the largest and most respected primitive skills events in the world: Rabbitstick and Rivercane Rendezvous’ – events held thousands of miles apart on different sides of America!

Evan McGown is the founder and director of the Institute for Wild Intelligence based in Athens, GA. He is the co-author with Jon Young and of Coyote's Guide to Connecting with Nature. Evan is a powerful facilitator of nature based education and art-inspired interpersonal and community building.

Nate Olive (M.A.) is the director of the Virgin Island Sustainable Farm Institute's "Ridge to Reef" farm and organic farm-based programs. He is a PhD candidate (via University of Georgia) and is an entertaining instructor and promoter of Natural Mentoring.








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