Yep. Teaching is an art, and despite the
false adage 'prostitution is the oldest profession,'
education must needs be the oldest profession!

In all seriousness, everyone learns differently, and most of us
learn in myriad ways. Integrating nature's spontaneity
as curriculum is one example of Native Earth philosophy.

Inheriting from humanity's ancient and resourceful skill set,
programs utilize tracking, botany and natural history, engineering;
a 'technosophy' of innovative learning
questioning, exploring, creating, preserving

Crafting inspiration from simple-yet-powerful tools such as
Fire by Friction

And we can learn much by
Scavenging -- but for what? Why? How? When? It all depends.
Tracking, Hunting -- heavy. Real. Impressions are everything.
Firemaking -- amazing. Enlightening. Powerful.
Tying -- knots and the strings they're tied with. A cinch? Hardly.
and so many others.

Workshops are inspired by real skills, proven in time,
proven in us, in our survival.



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